La Semeuse ligneé (sower, zaaister), Republique Française Postes (France), 15 c, green, stamp, O. Roty (engraver), Louis-Eugène Mouchon (designer), 1903-1924

country: Republique Française Postes (France)
topic: La Semeuse ligneé (sower)
theme: agriculture
sort stamp: postal stamp
color: green
year: 1903-1924
stamp value: 15 c
designer: Louis-Eugène Mouchon
engraving: O. Roty

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Louis-Eugène Mouchon (Paris, August 30, 1843-March 3, 1914) was a French engraver, especially noted for its stamp designs. His most famous pieces are the famous French type MOUCHON designs from 1900 and its contribution to the subsequent La Semeuse (from 1902), but he was also asked in many European countries for his designs. He made portraits of the Belgian King Leopold II, the Portuguese kings Louis I, Carlos I and Queen Wilhelmina. (Source: Wikipedia, Read more about Louis-Eugène Mouchon on Wikipedia (Dutch))


  1. what is today's value of republique Francaise postes (20c) mint condition stamp?

  2. I have a stamp like this. How much is it worth there is a slight post stamp mark on it but is in great condition?

  3. I've got a 35 c in purple.

  4. I have the same one but badly centred at bottom instead of the top


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