Actress Anna Führing, Deutsches Reich (Germany), 15 Centimes, purple, stamp, Polish Occupied Territories during 1914-1918 (General Gouvernement Warschau) Poczta Polska and Gen.-Gouv. Warschau

country: Polish Occupied Territories (Germany - Deutsches Reich)
topic: Actress Anna Führing
theme: actress
type of stamp: postal stamp
color: purple
year: 1914
publication date: 1914
postal value: 15 Centimes
engraving: Paul Eduard Waldraff (1870-1917)

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During WWI, stamps used by Germans in Poland were German stamps of the General Gouvernement Warschau overprinted with "Poczta Polska". The text "Gen.-Gouv. Warschau" is overprinted with two bars and the text "Deutsches Reich" is overprinted with another two bars.
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The initial issue from January 1, 1900 replaced the standard issue depicting numbers and eagles. The image of Germania, rather than that of the ruling monarch as was customary in many other European monarchies, made it a unifying feature and did not complicate the relationship with other German royalty and the coexisting German postal authorities of Bavaria and Württemberg. The engraving was performed by Paul Eduard Waldraff (1870-1917) who used the actress Anna Führing as model. Wearing an octagonal imperial crown she is holding a sword and an olive branch. The Jugendstil design depicting Führing was personally chosen by the emperor Wilhelm II. (source: Wikipedia, read more about German Occupied Territories during 1914-1918 on Wikipedia)

Anna Führing was born in Hamburg on March 6, 1866 as the daughter of the theatre and restaurant owner Carl Führing. In Berlin she received her education in acting. She frequently appeared the on stage as the figure of Germania, just like she did on a festival in Düsseldorf in 1891 when emperor Wilhelm II was in attendance. In 1892, when the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin was inaugurated, Führing played the role of Iphigenie. With the rise of the silent movies, Führing took on roles in the new medium. Some of the movies are: 'Nacht und Morgen' (1916) and 'Hausedame aus Familie gesucht' (1915).
In 1899, she got married to Ferdinand von Strantz, the Director of the Hofoper of Berlin and by 45 years her senior and then carried the title Baronin Anna von Strantz-Führing. The couple had one daughter. Anna Führing died in Berlin on November 2, 1929. (source: Wikipedia, read more about Anna Führing on Wikipedia)

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