Külme Rutilus Rutilus Caspicus, fish, animal, Azerbaycan (Azerbaijan Turkey, Azerbeidzjan) stamp, 1993, 1,50 m

country: Azerbaycan (Azerbaijan Turkey)
topic: Külme Rutilus Rutilus Caspicus
theme: Fish, Animals
type of stamp: postal stamp (Azerbaycan Poçtu)
color: multi-coloured
year: 1993
postal value: 1,50 m.

The Rutilus caspicus (better known as the Vobla (Wobla), a Russian word for the Caspian Roach). This fish is very popular in Russian restaurants and households. A salt-dried vobla is a common Russian meal or Snack by a glass of beer.
The Vobla has a size of 30-35 cm (max. 45 cm) and has a weight of around the 800 g. The natural habitat is in the coastal waters of the northern and northwestern Caspian Sea and also enters Volga, Ural, Emba, Terek and Kura. (source: Wikipedia / go to: Rutilus caspicuson on Wikipedia )

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