Dique "El Nihuil", Aqueduct, Building, Argentina, Casa De Moneda De La Nacion / Cerichelli GR, 3 Pesos

country: Argentina
topic: Dique "El Nihuil"
theme: Aqueduct, Building
type of stamp: postal stamp
color: dark purple grey
design: R. Garrasi
postal value: 3 Pesos
comments: Casa De Moneda De La Nacion / Cerichelli GR

The dam "El Nihuil" whose approval was given for 1948 has been finished 1 year earlier. The irrigators of San Rafael and General Alvear, asked to hasten the date of clearance of the dam because of great need of water for productions. The dam was finished and in use by December 1947 but the official opening took place on January 11, 1948. Seven years before, the province had approved an agreement with the Nation which would build a dam on the river Atuel feet above the Falls of the Nihuil. The dam caused a lake of 9,600 hectares and can feed powerful hydraulic plants throughout the system.

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