Siedem Wiekow Warszawy - Ratusz Staromiejski Z Konca XVIII Wieku, Poland (Polska) stamp, 40 to 50 GR

country: Poland (Polska)
topic: Siedem Wiekow Warszawy - Ratusz Staromiejski Z Konca XVIII Wieku
theme: buildings
type of stamp: postal stamp
design: J. Willer - CZ Kaczmarczym
color: brown
year: 1965
postal value: 50 GR (from 40 GR)

Ratysz Staromis Jskri end of the XVII Century.
The history of Warsaw, the capital and later the largest Polish cities, dating back even the twelfth or thirteenth century, when the oldest historically stood in the former Warsaw court of the dukes of Mazovia Jazdów (now Ujazdów (Warsaw)). Assigning seniority grodowi appearing in the current Forest Brodnowski is abuse, because the land did not belong to BRÓDNO the city of Warsaw until 1916 and did not assist with the development of the city. Over the centuries the city experienced glorious years, but it became on the verge of total destruction for several times. The basic urban layout of today's Warsaw was formed during the reconstruction of the great devastation after World War II. (source: Wikipedia, read more about Siedem Wiekow Warszawy on Wikipedia)

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