King Albert I, Belgium (België - Belgique), 1915-1919, 15 c, deep violet, purple, stamp

country: Belgium (België / Belgique)
code: 139 (and 139a)
topic: King Albert I of Belgium
theme: Kings
type of stamp: postal stamp
color: violet (deep violet for 139a)
year: 1915-1919
publication date: 15 October 1915
postal value: 15 c
designer and engraving: Waterlow and Sons Londen

King Albert I (8 April 1875 – 17 February 1934) reigned as King of the Belgians from 1909 until 1934. At the beginning of World War I, Albert complied with a British demand that he not acquiesce to a German request to move troops through Belgium in order to attack Britain's ally, France, which Germany anticipated was about to declare war on Germany in support of Russia. Albert responded to the German demand to move soldiers through his country: 'I rule a nation, not a road!' When Germany subsequently invaded Belgium, King Albert, as prescribed by the Belgian constitution, took personal command of the Belgian army, and held the Germans off long enough for Britain and France to prepare for the Battle of the Marne (6–9 September 1914). (Source: Wikipedia, read more about King Albert I of Belgium on Wikipedia)

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