Marcelin Berthelot (Marcellin Berthelot), Republique Française Postes (France), Red, 90 c, stamp, 1927, A. Mignon (designer)

country: Republique Française Postes (France)
topic: Marcelin Berthelot (Marcellin Pierre Eugène Berthelot)
theme: famous scientists
type of stamp: postal stamp
color: red
year: 1927
postal value: 90 c
designer: A. Mignon

Marcellin Pierre Eugène Berthelot (25 October 1827 – 18 March 1907) was a French chemist and politician noted for the Thomsen-Berthelot principle of thermochemistry. He synthesized many organic compounds from inorganic substances. He is considered as one of the greatest chemists of all time and disproved the theory of vitalism. Because he was very famous and to be remembered, many streets are named after him: 'le rue marcelin berthelot'. You can find these streets in Roubaix, Béthune, Dunkerque, Valenciennes, Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, Onnaing and Lens. (source: Wikipedia, read more about Marcellin Pierre Eugène Berthelot on Wikipedia)

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