Yellow Costus Malortieanus (Stepladder Ginger), flower, Belgium Congo stamp, 3 Fr., 1952

country: Belgium Congo (Belgish Congo / Congo du Belge)
code: 314
topic: Yellow Costus Malortieanus
theme: flowers
type of stamp: postal stamp
number of stamps per sheet: 50
circulation: indefinite
kind of serration: 11,5
color: wine-red
paper type: silk wired paper
engraving type: Helio (Grid intaglio)
design: Couvoisier S.
year: 1952
publication date: 10/05/1952
postal value: 3 Fr.
comments: 1st day of disposal: 01/08/1960

The yellow Costus malortieanus is a relatively small ginger with wonderful velvety leaves and yellow flowers.
Common name: Stepladder Ginger
Height: 0,5 - 1 m
Conditions: Prefers part shade.
Flowers: Summer - Autumn

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