African Elephant stamp Belgium Congo (Belgisch Congo / Congo Belgique), red, 1 Fr., 1931

country: Belgium Congo (Belgisch Congo / Congo Belgique)
code: 176
topic: African Elephant
theme: animals / mammals
type of stamp: postal stamp
number of stamps per sheet: 75
circulation: 28600
kind of serration: 11,5
color: red
paper type: tinted paper
engraving (engraving): Graphics Institute of Paris
engraving type: intaglio
cylinder shape (book press): Seal factory (Mechelen)
year: 1931
publication date: 01/04/1931
postal value: 1 Fr.

1st day of disposal: 01/09/1942
See also 1937 postage stamp booklet

The African elephants are the species of elephants in the genus Loxodonta (Greek for 'oblique-sided tooth'), one of the two existing genera in Elephantidae. Although it is commonly believed that the genus was named by Georges Cuvier in 1825, Cuvier spelled it Loxodonte. African elephants are bigger than Asian elephants.
Elephants have four molars, each weighs about 5 kg (11 lb) and measures about 30 cm (12 in) long. As the front pair wears down and drops out in pieces, the back pair shifts forward, and two new molars emerge in the back of the mouth. Elephants replace their teeth six times. At about 40 to 60 years of age, the elephant no longer has teeth and will likely die of starvation, a common cause of death.
Their tusks are teeth, the second set of incisors become the tusks. They are used for digging for roots and stripping the bark off trees for food, for fighting each other during mating season, and for defending themselves against predators. The tusks weigh from 23–45 kg (51–99 lb) and can be from 1,5–2,4 m (5–8 ft) long. Unlike Asian elephants, both male and female African elephants have tusks. The enamel plates of the molars are fewer in number than in Asian elephants.
Males stand 3,2–4,0 m (10–13 ft) tall at the shoulder and weigh 4,700–6,048 kg (10,000–13,330 lb).
Females stand 2,2–2,6 m (7,2–8,5 ft) tall and weigh 2,160–3,232 kg (4,800–7,130 lb).
There are 2 species of African elephants left: the African bush elephant (Loxodonta Africana) and the African forest elephant (Loxodonta Cyclotis).
(source: Wikipedia, read more about the African Elephant on Wikipedia)

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